The Snap Smile Share app is for all age groups from orthodontic and dental specialists, to parents and individuals of all ages that wear braces. The users of this app are not offered nor do the app users receive any medical advice from this subject app nor can the app users register for any medical advice from this app at any time. There is no login registration for users of any kind in this app. Users visit this app anonymously except for the sole purpose when the user elects a one time in-app purchase for the strict purpose to add additional photo albums, access picture filters and to add text and logos to a photo lapse video generated by this app. ​

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Awesome Features!

This easy to use free app is for both patients with braces and their Orthodontists.​ Download the Snap Smile Share app today! Now available on the Apple App Store.

Create a time lapse video documenting your progress to a beautiful smile!

The finished time lapse of braces treatment is easily shared via Facebook and Instagram​ to show off to your friends and family!

“Try on” different braces colors on a teeth model and share with friends, family, and your orthodontist.

The braces color simulator makes it so easy to “try on” different colors to see what they would look like. During your next Orthodontist appointment you can show your doctor to let them know which colors you would like!​

Schedule text notifications to help patients follow their orthodontists instructions on changing elastics, aligners, retainers, and elastics.

If you tend to forget to change your aligners, retainers, or elastic bands we have a feature that can alert you to when the next time to change it is!​

PRO Version

In the PRO version you can also use picture filters, create multiple albums, and add a custom logo or text to your braces time lapse video. ​


Make a time-lapse video to document your progress towards a beautiful smile.

You can easily share the finished treatment of braces via Facebook or Instagram so that your family and friends can see it!

To help patients comply with their orthodontist’s instructions regarding changing elastics, retainers, aligners, and retainers, they can schedule text notifications.

We have a feature that will alert you when it’s time to change your retainers, aligners, or elastic band.

You can “Try on” various braces colors using a tooth model. Share this information with your family, friends, and your orthodontist.

Braces color simulator allows you to easily “try on” different colors and see how they look. You can also show your Orthodontist at your next appointment to let them know what colors you like.

PRO Version

The PRO version allows you to use picture filters, create multiple album, add text or logo to your time lapse videos, and also includes photo filters.